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  • Shaikha Al Thani

3D Modeled Alien World Idea

For the first 3D animation project, which is to 3D model an original alien world in C4D (cinema 4D). The direction I intend to go with this is lush foliage meets uninhabitable hostile terrain.

The most prominent feature is the suspended / floating platforms that curve in on itself. Additionally, the fauna is a part of the terrain itself. For instance there are giant serpent - like creatures are imbedded into the terrain (and curve through and around the floating platforms). These creatures appear as roots because in this alien world the flora is the fauna.

Essentially the flora isn’t sentient enough to be considered animal or inanimate enough to be considered purely flora. This would make them not only a very large part of the terrain but would make the land very alive. This is what I hope to achieve in the end.

There is water but the gravitational force is relatively weak. So the water pouring off the floating platforms can and do float “upside down”. There is also two moons. This would create greater tides and fluctuating gravity especially when they cross one another’s orbital paths. This should make for interesting terrain made of multiple textures from foliage to animal scales to water. Another texture I will attempt to incorporate is lava that will pour out of giant pitcher plants and will form a river. Maybe this lava river will intersect with the water. Who knows.

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