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  • Shaikha Al Thani

C4D Alien Landscape Exercise

Updated: Aug 20, 2022

This exercise consisted of creating a landscape in C4D and experimenting with its attributes (such as sea level, plate level, how scaly/ bumpy vs how smooth it is) in anticipation of the tools needed for the creation of the actual Alien landscape that will be made very soon.

In the image to the left, there's the base 3D model of the landscape I arrived at after trying out different things with the landscape's attributes. I settled on this because I found that it resembles the the base of a chopped tree trunk. The next thing I did was duplicate this base twice.

Afterwards I sourced two images of the texture of a tree trunk. I ended up settling for the following image because I felt that it was the most realistic and that the part of the image that showed the center of the trunk translated really well unto the model.

The next thing I did was tackle aligning the three tree bases with one another (below).

The next step was simply adding foliage from the assets browser. Although this whole process was just a series of experiments, I realized at this point that I was going for giant tree trunks with normal sized trees growing out of it as my metaphorical 'Alien World'.

Below is the final rendering of the result:

For some unknown reason the rendering turned out quite pixelated. This is something I aim to find a solution for before the rendering of my next project. For now, I've included screenshots below which are clearer than the render. I didn't do anything to the lighting because frankly I liked the polished feel of the wood - it contradicts what a raw tree bark would look like and this does feed into the whole alien feel of the assignment.

I've included the aerial view because it looks pretty cool :)

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