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  • Shaikha Al Thani

Alien World Mood-Board

The following is simply a collection of images that will provide ample inspiration and reference for when I actually tackle the alien landscape for Project 1. The sketch is also a visual depiction of how I am imaging the landscape. Of course the difference between ideation and creation is the limited skills I currently have. Hopefully I will attempt to learn on the go as I try to make this sketch a reality.

There are the most of the elements as outlined in the Alien World Idea blog post.

Click here to go to the Alien World idea world post.

I did eliminate some things like the lava rivers in order to make this more doable.

The following are texturesand 3D materials (some available for download and some not) that I will attempt to source or find something similar to.

Here are a few of the links to the materials that will either serve as inspiration or will be used:

Frankly, I am leaving this here for personal reference.
  • Water texture (free) HERE

  • Grass and Clovers (paid) HERE

  • Flower petal texture (paid) HERE

  • Green glowing rubble (paid) HERE

  • Dark Wood Grain (free) HERE

  • Medium length grass (free) HERE

  • Shining Rippling Metal (free) HERE

  • Dry Mud (free) HERE

  • Small and Flat grass (free) HERE

  • Lava (free) HERE

  • Cantaloupe (free) HERE

  • Oak Tree (free) HERE

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