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  • Shaikha Al Thani

A 3D Animated Scene

For this project, the goal was to animate a scene from the show the title sequence was based on, which was greek mythology. I wanted to the freedom of doing whatever comes to mind so I didn't follow a specific story from mythology.

Before animating, I wanted to set the scene. I found two nice roman structures online that I felt worked with the theme but ended up only going with one of them. I flanked the building with mountains I made with the landscape tool and added lighting. I then proceeded to add

These are the same models I used for my title sequence!

As the scene takes place at night, I decided to go with a green blue lighting which I felt was synonymous most with the moon. I added the red for the reflective (magical?) glowing lava ball that was set in the middle of the courtyard. I also did this to create a dramatic mood.

I faced a challenge when resizing the models because for some reason the armeture\skeleton wouldn't follow which resulted with some horrifying results. I countered this by resizing through the numbers (next to coordinates) as opposed to manually doing so with the resize tool.


Animating the people was arguably the most challenging part. The process was a lot of me moving around in front of a mirror and seeing which joint moves first naturally. This was especially so for the end of the animation, when the priestess splits into three people (the greek fates). Which was also the most fun to animate!

What Could Be Improved

Two words: WALK CYCLES! the weird floating / gliding situation with mistimed leg movements didn't work out. If I could go back in time, this would be the first thing I would redo.

Also, the animation was made before the voices were recorded due to the crunch time. This resulted with the sounds not being in sync. This is definitely something I would have liked to fix. Additionally, having more fluid movements for characters would've been nice.

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