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Set & Costume Design

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Blade Runner, reimagined


This project consists of the construction of a 1:10 miniature model set of an existing set, being Tyrell's office in Blade Runner. The goal here was to explore new ways to interpret character and contextual societal dynamics present in the script in order to breathe new life unto the space. 

Techniques utilized include laser cutting and3d printing, this was accompanied with storyboards, title sequence, mood and materials board.

The Pianist


Just like the previous project, the goal here was to create a 1:10 model scale for a hypothetical film set. The reason for which is that models are used in order to pre visualize all the details and minimize losses caused by a lack of planning or visualization, this is the final step before the construction of an actual full scale film set.

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Costume Design, multiple

2022 - 2023

Here you will find a series of sketches cumulated from a myriad of academic projects. Below you will find costume design tools such as a costume bible and the image world building research done to create these designs.

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